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    IGN: TechnoPat (

    Age: 15

    What Role are you applying for? I am applying for Helper, as I feel it's the position I'm most comfortable with at the time.

    Time zone: CST

    Have you ever been punished on StellarPvP? if so, what punishments?
    A while back (When there was a boss zone, Ultqmate, etc.), I was punished for bug abuse in the boss area. Though I did it by accident, sorry!

    How much time can you contribute to the server?

    I can contribute 1-2 hours a day for this server.

    Are you able to record?

    Yes, 40-80 fps at 720p60


    Why are you applying for a staff position on StellarPvP?

    I always liked playing on this server, especially back in the OG days. I want to help this server. I can help to create a more friendly environment with my extroverted, positive attitude. I can help to control chat, as I have staff experience that can help me in my position. Over-all, I just really want to help the server, and make it thrive back to its past player count, like it once was when it was popular, and I want everyone to enjoy it. I want to bring back this server, as well has help the thin stretched staff team of stellar.

    Why should we choose you to become staff?

    - I have staff experience on a 100-200 player server, known as UniverseMC, which I belive will really help me as a staff member, since the server also has around the same player count. (
    - I'm not at all toxic nowadays. I feel that my extroverted attitude, maturity and non-toxicity can help create a friendly environment and help the server.
    - I have experience with managing chat and discord servers from my experience on UniverseMC
    - I know how to deal with several situations well .(View link above)
    - I have been playing this server from when Regular God Sets were a thing, so I feel I know my ins and outs of this server very well.
    - I love to be on discord a lot, so I can help moderate the discord actively.

    In what way could you positively affect the community?

    I can help be a leader and role model to the community with my maturity, positive attitude, and effort. I feel that I can directly present the staff team with a lot of good ideas to help the server when I feel somethings not right. I have staff experience and I'm very active on discord, so I feel that I can actively moderate the chats to keep them less crazy and toxic. I also feel I can make the community more positive and friendly. Over-all, I can make the community less toxic, and serve as a role model for the community of StellarPVP.

    Do you have any past experience on any moderation teams?

    Yes, I have past experience on UniverseMC, as well as some smaller servers, but they didn't really teach me much.

    UniverseMC was my first professional staff team I was on. They taught me everything I know about staffing, and they have given me many tools, as well as more maturity, a better attitude and more discipline while staffing. The biggest thing I learned was to remember that you always had a team, and chain of command ; Don't report to someone like an admin to ban someone, report to the lowest one that can handle the task first. I eventually resigned from the team due to lack of time, and I didn't re-apply there because I lost interest in Uni, and the community was become slightly more toxic. I also feel that after resigning, I don't really want to go back, since I doubt they'd accept me again.

    Please list your strength and weaknesses.

    Strengths :

    Extroverted - I have a very extroverted attitude, which I feel will help me connect with the playerbase and score me a good reputation on StellarPvP, which is important to have as a staff member.
    Friendly - I am very friendly, which can be a good help to make players feel this is a nicer and more accepting environment. As staff you should always be friendly towards players, to make them feel at home.
    Mature - Since my staffing Career on UniverseMC, I feel I have grown more mature. This can help with my professionalism, which is always good to have as staff, and prevent me from lashing out like some staff on other servers and letting toxic players get the best of them.
    Has Staff experience - I have staff experience from a past server with a similar player count, meaning I'll make less rookie mistakes and be more familiar with the commands and how to communicate with the staff team, and what to do.

    Weaknesses :

    In high school (Stress and work!) - High school is no doubt, very hard, so this can sometimes affect my staffing performance, though I always do my best to mitigate it, and if it affects my staff performance too much, I'll usually let the team know I'm taking a day off. (I attempt to mantain my GPA at a 5.5 at a 6.0 Scale)

    Is there anything else you feel we should know? (This helps us get to know you)

    Thanks for reading! In general, to summarize, I feel I can be a great role model for the community. I also feel that my positive, extroverted attitude can really help the community become at least a little less toxic ; I have staff experience, so I feel that this will be extremely beneficial.
    And if you knew me a while back on Stellar, I'm not the same as before.
    Again, thanks for reading!

    What is your discord currently? : Technopat#7529
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    Pending investigation.
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    Hey TechnoPat!

    After reviewing your application I actually need you to DM me so we can discuss a few issues I have before making a decision on this.

    - Universsee

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