StellarPvP Raiding Rules

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    StellarPvP Raiding Rules

    • You can't use autos at all. (Your cannon cannot shoot faster than four seconds.)
    • You can't use a cannon that can shoot more than TWO walls a shot. (No wall removers)
    • You cannot mine spawner while your getting raided. You have to wait 20 minutes after the cannon is done shooting or blown up.
    • You are allowed to left/right shoot.
    • You can not patch using gen buckets/schematic printer. Until 20 minutes after the cannon stops shooting or is blown up.
    • Your faction is only permitted one raid claim per base. This means your faction can only have a raiding claim on one side of the base.
    • You cannot bypass walls at any time. Unless you’re left or right shooting
    • You cannot have any type of check walls/bots. (This includes alts at walls, redstone and carpets on top of walls, string, anything that helps players check walls)
    • You cannot water or block spawners up at all. (Lava is included as watering)
    • You cannot have over a 20 chunk buffer. (A buffer is not your base the buffer starts after your base)
    • All base defences are allowed. Unless they are unraidable base defences. (This means regens, 45s, etc are allowed)
    • You cannot make cobble monsters on the server. (This is water and lava that combines together to make obsidian and cobble)
    • If a faction gets banned for mining spawners (Rule 3) You will not get the spawners unless you get into the base/box of where the spawners were placed.
    • You are not allowed to have counter raid claims aligned with your base. This includes ally and truce’s claims.
    • Using more than 2 cannons at the same raid is not allowed, no matter what side or what distance. Using 3 or more cannons at a raid will result in the cannons removed and a faction warning. A 2 wall oneshot counts as 2 cannons.
    • No Crazy Nukes. (That goes for destroying multiple walls at once or trying to just lag the server)
    • Roof Busting is NOT Allowed (Anything that shoots about 250 y level will be counted as a roof buster.)

    These rules may change at any time. Make sure to keep up to date on them.
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