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    StellarPvP Discord Rules

    • No Racism/Harassment
    • No Spamming Characters/Messages - Don't spam messages, characters, etc
    • Do not attempt to start/cause Spam - This results in a more severe punishment than just Spamming
    • Do not post inappropriate messages
    • No Advertising Websites/Servers - Please note that shortened URLs (i.e are also not allowed.
    • No Malicious/Inappropriate URLs
    • No DDoS/Dox/Swat - Even if intended as a "Joke", it is not allowed.
    • Do not ask for others to be unbanned/unmuted.
    • Do not spam create tickets - This will result in a ban from tickets.
    • Do not spam @ staff or other players - This is annoying and doesn’t help in any situation.
    • Do not ask for support in #chat - Create a ticket with -new instead.
    • Use the channels for their intended use - Use commands to use bot commands, etc…

    StellarPvP In-Game Rules

    Chat Rules

    • Do not spam
    • Do not Flood Chat
    • Do not Excessively use capital letters
    • Do not Provoke spam
    • Do not Hackusate in chat (We have /report for a reason)
    • Do not Advertise/post links in chat
    • Do not Disrespect staff/the server
    • Do not use language the could be taken as racist
    • Do not Impersonate staff
    • Do not Lie to staff
    • Do not Leak personal information of anyone
    • Do not Hide information from staff

    Ingame Rules

    • Do not hack,
    • Do not Auto click,
    • Do not Use anything that gives you an advantage over other players,
    • Do not Try to lag the server,
    • Do not Use a lag machine to lag the server,
    • Do not Abuse bugs or glitches,
    • Do not Punishment evade (mute and bans),
    • Do not Inside (/f kick and kill or /f home trapping does count to this),
    • Do not Grief the server,
    • Do not Do IRL deals/trade items for items on other games/servers/paypal,
    • Do not Have over 6 accounts online at once,
    • Do not DDoS/Swat/Dox anyone on the StellarPvP network,
    • Do not Teleport trap,
    • Do not Back in enemy territory,
    • Do not Use fly boost over 2 and do not team with cheaters/hackers.

    If you have any questions about these rules, please message one of StellarPvP's staff member.

    Also, use common sense for all the rules :)

    All rules stated here are subject to change at any time. Make sure to stay up to date with them. If you are caught breaking any of them you will be punished no matter what.

    StellarPvP Management
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