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  1. Bl4aze
    Bl4aze Universsee
    you gonna come back :(
  2. oren8
    Just a chill and serious guy.
  3. Azting
    Azting Universsee
    got hacked, not resigning (edit) i got everything changed, im all good
  4. Tabed
  5. Prodigy
  6. Universsee
    Universsee Prodigy
    1. Prodigy
      Sep 21, 2019
  7. Universsee
  8. Londonmax
    Just chillin
  9. SebdePleb
    The best Pleb-orator on the server!
  10. Headteachers
    Headteachers Universsee
    unblock me on discord i need to redeem custom ticket with u
  11. SteliosML
    Have a nice day!
  12. SteliosML
  13. Universsee
  14. LmaoItsProdigy
    LmaoItsProdigy StellarPvP
    I was curious as to where I apply for staff?
  15. SebdePleb
    Shit happens but life goes on.
  16. KrazyKrocs
    KrazyKrocs StellarPvP
    how do i apply for builder
  17. Vanagelis
    Graphic designer is on duty !!!
  18. Ungreatful
    Having a great vacation! Miss y'all <3
  19. Ungreatful
  20. Aden
    Aden StellarPvP
    Hey I’m a new to the server and I was just on their and I saw I think y’all need a boost I’m 16 I’m always on and always ready to be apart of the stellar staff team I feel like I can bring a lot of attention to this server it’s really fun and I stay up all night playing stellar u can be active 24/7 I know how to ss I know u can place more then 5 fallen heros