Hey Stellarnaunts!

Welcome to the StellarPvP Revival Season!

Release Date!

We are going to be releasing this season on Saturday 28th, 4PM Est.

New Features

Daily events
Description: gives custom perks every day of the server.

+ Monday: 1.5x Money
+ Tuesday: 2.0x Normal EXP
+ Wednesday: 1.5x Mobcoins
+ Thursday: 2.0x Crop Growth Speed
+ Friday: 1.5x Mobs Spawning
+ Saturday: 2x KoTHs (2 KoTHs will be played the day instead of one)
+ Sunday: 2x Bosses (4 Random Warzone Bosses)
+ Void Hoppers are Back
Grace Period Now Displays on the Scoreboard.

Gkits, Classes and Ranks have all been redone

+ Gkit Cosmo
+ Gkit Galatical
+ Gkit Spawner
+ Gkit Grinder

- Gkit Reset
- Gkit Ironman
- Gkit Endgame

visit buy.stellarpvp.com for more informaton


New Cannoning Jar

+ Cannoning will now feel a lot smoother and Cannons should not cause lag or backfire.

New Crates + Crate GUI
+ Crates will now be Virtual.

Dupe Exploits Fixed
+ All Duplication Exploits Should now be patched. If you happen to find one during the release or throughout the season, please DM a staff member immediately.

New Voucher Plugin (You need to right-click twice now to use the voucher)

New Economy
+ Prices In /shop Changed
+ Spawner Value Nerfed

Updated Faction Plugin
+ No longer small bugs/glitches within the Factions Plugin

Crash Fixes/ Lag Reduction
+ Crashes and lag has now been patched

Release Delay

Sorry for the release delay, we ran into a few issues and we want to make sure that you guys get the best experience. Therefore we are going to delay till next week.

See you soon,
StellarPvP Management